Shares are a one time purchase of $25.00 and can be sold back for the full purchase price at any time. Herdshare members pay a monthly boarding fee which goes towards the goat feed bill.  Since monthly boarding fees may fluctuate from year to year as the cost of feed goes up, please email us if you want to inquire about the monthly boarding fee.

Direct From the Farm Raw Milk for Pets
We have raw milk available for
on farm pick up. 
$10.00 for half gallon 

Not for human consumption.

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Here at Riverwatch Farm, our beloved goats and free range chickens are part of our family! They are so much more than just milk machines, They are our pets, and we love them!  While we respect the different philosophies and approaches to herd management, we choose to bottle raise our kids for a number of reasons such as the safety and friendliness of our kids, and the udder health of our does. Our herd is disease free, and tested annually.  Biosecurity plays a big role in our practices here!  We are committed to making sure that our herd remains a clean herd.