Riverwatch Farm 2020 Milk Test Achievements

DHIR (Dairy Herd Improvement Records) is a monthly milk test program that helps breeders assess the effectiveness of their breeding, feeding, and management practices. 2020 milk test marked an exciting year of milestones for us here at Riverwatch Farm! 300+ days of milking every 12 hours has paid off with some big rewards! Among our most thrilling accomplishments was our very own Riverwatch TC Milkyway (who made the 2020 ADGA Elite Doe List) and milked out 1,079 lbs in 305 days and still counting! Milkyway is a ff (first freshener), meaning this is only her first lactation. Her dam, SG Top Hat Farm Daisy Mae, was awarded Superior Genetics to her title in 2020. Daisy Mae is still milking strong at 310 DIM (days in milk) and has already milked 1,212 lbs. Another ff this year is Riverwatch TC Candytuft, who has milked 1,015 lbs in 315 days and is still milking strong! Five of our homebred does will be awarded AR (Advanced Registry) milk stars as first fresheners this year! Very careful selection has gone into our breeding program and we are sure seeing the results in our herd. DHIR has been essential in decision making as we build our herd.

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