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Southern Belle is a wonderful doe who has blessed us witbeautiful kids!  As our herd grows, we need to make room for the new does coming up.  



Bottle Baby Pets


Goats are herd animals and need to live with other goats in order to thrive and be happy.  It is imperative to plan on a minimum of 2 goats of the same size to be companions.  Occasionally, we have one wether available for those who already have a baby goat and are looking for a buddy, however our first goal is to send wethers home in pairs of two. After we have paired up our buddy groups, any remaining buckling will be available for homes in need of only one buddy.  We strive to provide a very loving and happy home for each and every goat born here at Riverwatch Farm.  We are here for you to help you prepare for your little ones!  We offer continued support even after your babies have come home.   

We will have bottle babies available as pets (wethered males) Due to the high demand for these little ones, we recommend that you make a free reservation to hold your place if you are interested. 

 Our waiting list for wethers for Fall 2020 is full.  We are now accepting reservations on bottle babies for our Spring 2021 Kidding Season

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Bucks/doe reservations also available

Fall 2020 Reservation List

1. Angela

2. Erin

3. Samantha

4. Dan

Spring 2021 Reservation List

1. Karen

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