Septuplets of Riverwatch Farm

In the wee hours of the morning on this chilly April day in 2019, I sat in a kidding stall with Top Hat Farm Daisy Mae trying desperately to stay alert and not knod off in case she ran into difficulty delivering her kids.   We seemed to have an intrigued audience for the entire night into the morning. Our barn cats, watching from the rafters overhead and perched on the stall door, all hung around to see what the morning would bring.  Daisy Mae remained calm and managed the whole thing just fine.  Once the first kid had arrived, the others arrived one after the other.  I could not clean one up before another one was out. Another kid came, one right after the other for what seemed to be neverending. When she was done, I started counting to see how many there were!  Five kids was the most any doe had kidded for us.  As I counted up to seven, I couldn't believe that could be accurate. I figured I was so tired that perhaps I had counted some of them more than once, so I moved them one at a time to the other side of the stall to be sure. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7! She really had delivered seven kids!  All of the septuplets were healthy and weighed in around 4 lbs each.  I love looking back through these pictures and remembering that morning, as well as the weeks of bottle baby bliss that we enjoyed with all these bitty babies!






Update 2020

Daisy Mae kidded again a year later in April of 2020...She had quads, 2 bucks and 2 does.  She is milking like a champion and will likely milk out over 1000 lbs for this year's milk test before I dry her up. This year Daisy Mae was awarded her Superior Genetics designation from ADGA!   SG Top Hat Farm Daisy Mae's daughter born here in 2017, Riverwatch TC Milkyway, was a ff (first freshener) this year and made the ADGA 2020 Elite Doe List!  

Kidding Season Spring 2020 

Kidding Season 2020
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