We are a Micro Dairy & ADGA dairy goat breeder located in West Point, VA .  We raise Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats and chickens.  We run a herdshare program for those who want their own farm fresh milk and also sell fresh eggs from our farm. 
In 2020 we expanded our efforts and became a wholesale milk supplier to a local creamery. 
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Disease Free!

 We test annually for Brucellosis, Tuberculosis, CAE & Johne's 

Last tested September 2020

 Participants of Linear appraisal 


  From Military Life to Farm Life

   My husband had a dream to retire from his military career and have goats and chickens.  This was the last thing I thought I wanted for us.  As my husband continued to bring his idea up to me, I pleaded my case with all of the reasons that it would be a bad idea.  You see, we were not farmers, and I preferred to sip on my Starbucks while getting my mani/pedi.  Travel distances to great shopping and being in the middle of everything was a priority in my life until....

It was Spring time, I went to TSC with a friend and saw these adorable fluffy yellow chicks.  I was inspired with great photo possibilities of my children with chicks for Easter, and realized that if I set up a little back yard chicken coop, and raised 3 or 4 chicks for eggs to compliment our vegetable garden, my husband would quickly realize that farming probably isn't his thing.....lo and behold, it IS my thing!  I fell in love with chicken-keeping and it replaced my passion for shopping and such. We have grown our hobby to a 10 acre farm where we raise ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf goats for dairy production and show, laying hens, farm fresh eggs, as well as herdshare opportunities  which provides raw milk and eggs to our shareholders here in the West Point, VA and surrounding areas.  

So, what once was my worst nightmare is now MY dream life.  I suppose this is how I accidentally became a farmer <3



We are a

Certified Dairy Goat Quality Producer

through Langston University.

Dave & Shelley Gholson